Four young men. One brutal war. It will change their lives forever.

From a tree house in Birmingham in 1883 four friends make their plans in defence of their country. Six years later they nervously stand in line at the war office hoping that their youth will not be noticed, and their ages not questioned, as they set upon enlisting in the military.

Soon they are thrust into Egypt and India where they experience some of Britain’s worst battles in history. The wars take them into brutal combats and battles that see some of their fellow soldiers die and others injured; however, all are changed for the rest of their lives.

While fighting alongside each other in the Second Boer War in South Africa, they learn that courage on the battlefield is much different from what they had imagined years ago in their tree house in Birmingham. With troop morale low and the war taking its toll at home as well as on the battlefield, Queen Victoria vows to do something that will let her soldiers know she is thinking about them.

In the midst of death and battle and worn bodies and minds, a gift is presented to eight soldiers who are chosen by their peers because of their outstanding courage and honour. William Thomas Colclough was one of those men.

Soon to be a timeless fictional story inspired by real life British War Hero, W.T. Colclough, A Hero Among Them is an inspirational story that teaches young men and women anywhere that respect and courage among those closest to you will be an honour that you can carry through your whole life.

A Hero Among Them The Untold Story Of A True British War Hero | Historial Fiction Novel by L.L. Abbott
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An untold story of a real life British soldier that many young Britons and Canadians can absorb.

Fans of historical-fiction will appreciate this tale of four boyhood friends that serve together for the Empire as the Queen's men, and experience on their journey together the harshness of war, loss of lives as they build a deep-bond of friendship that will last a lifetime.

A coming of age story set mainly in South Africa in the 19th Century, full of action and adventure. Inspired by real life military and war hero that reveals his connection to childhood friends and his battles fighting for England during the Second Boer War. His connection to England's Queen Victoria leaves a legacy for generations to preserve.


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