Carole and the Secret Queen's Scarf | by L.L. Abbott | Canadian children's illustrated series

Carole and the Secret Queen's Scarf

This colourful rhyming story will thrill your child's imagination as they follow Carole when her ever-wandering imagination carries her from the small Canadian town of Banff, Alberta to London, England where she visits the Queen!

Carole finds the Queen in amusing scenarios where she imagines she is busy making the scarf that was awarded to her grandfather during the Second Boer War.

But when Carole returns to Banff - she finds that she has taken something back from Windsor Castle!



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Carole and the Secret Queens Scarf | a colourful heart-warming bedtime book

A magical fantasy is created when Carole dreams about what the great English Queen was doing when she was knitting the golden scarf given to her grandfather during the war. This colourful picture book follows a young girl on her rhyming journey to castles in England and then back to her home in Banff, Canada. Imagination and fantasy will thrill your child as they read this feel good story. Bedtime stories can create magical dreams when you share this story with your child.