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Dead in the Water | book 9 Lake Pines Murder Mystery Series
Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott

Tensions escalate when a woman returns to Lake Pines, determined to clear her name for a murder she didn't commit. 


Twenty-nine years ago, a fisherman reeled in a shocking discovery from the depths of Settler’s Bay, putting the residents of the small town on edge. Mounting pressure from the frightened residents prompted the authorities to make an arrest, and within months a local teen was convicted of murder.

Decades later, the same residents are suddenly forced to face the uncomfortable revelation that they made a mistake when the wrongfully convicted murderer is released from prison and returns to Lake Pines.

However, when a wealthy man with ties to the past mysteriously dies, it becomes clear there is something afoot in Lake Pines.

As a cold case and a new murder land in Kerry’s lab, she must also find a way to deal with the uneasy truth that threatens to affect her own family.

Can the truth be unveiled before it's too late - or will innocent lives be irreversibly altered?




DEAD IN THE WATER is the ninth instalment of the Lake Pines Mystery Series and it will keep you reading through to the final page.

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