A New Book I'm Excited About . . . and 6 things you need to know about CROWS

Why, may you ask, is an author’s post about crows?

Well, it’s a tie-in to an upcoming book release for MURDER OF CROWS

. . .more on that later. . .first the crows. . .

Crows have held a fascination for me, especially around cottage country. Their endless ability to know when to start cawing, which is usually about an hour and a half before you want to get up, along with their constant ability to know how to annoy the dogs (this is quite amusing).

I even knew a family who had one as a pet at their cottage, and it would return every May to greet their arrival. Hailing in another summer at the lake. They named it Charlie.

So in honour of my upcoming release of MURDER OF CROWS, here are the 6 things you need to know about crows:

1. There are 40 species of Crows.

2. They can be found all over the world.

3. They are extremely intelligent birds.

4. They are omnivores . . . they’ll eat almost anything.

5. Crows are cooperative breeders, which means they often stay close to the spot where they were born and help raise their young.

6. Crows and ravens are important in mythology, fables and native cultures. They are often identified as clever tricksters.

In some cultures, they are symbols of good luck; in others, they bring bad luck . . .

Which brings me to my new Book Release. . .Murder Of Crows is the third book in the Lake Pines Mystery Series. The book will be released October 14th, 2020 and leading up to the release date (which I am sooooo excited about) there will be a Book Giveaway, blurb updates and I will be posting status updates along the way.

If you are interested you can add MURDER OF CROWS to your Goodreads bookshelf or join our Reading Community and watch for the signed paperback copy giveaway which will run before the book hits the market!

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day