Book Promotion Launch - and it's FREE

Hitting publish is one thing, monitoring the marketing and sales of your baby is another!

I am excited to promote my book LAKERS: MURDER ON THE WATER as a free Amazon Kindle download. But here's the catch - it will only last for 5 days!

Running from October 17, 2018 to October 21, 2018, MURDER ON THE WATER will be available as a free download to Kindle users through Amazon.

Why promote a free book as part of your keenly advanced marketing strategy? I asked myself. Well, my mentor, and top selling Amazon author assures me it's the best way to get your work into people's hands with the hope that they will give an aspiring author a good review online and promote the story to friends.

MURDER ON THE WATER is part family saga and part murder mystery set in the beautifully majestic backdrop of Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. (Think The Thorn Birds meets Agatha Christie).

Synopsis: When old remains are discovered on an isolated island, the serene lives of five friends come crashing together with the realization that nothing will ever be the same.

They are the only ones who know the body can link them all to a fateful night over 30 years ago at Smith Island Camp. Every attempt they make to keep their secret hidden is in vain as they realize that no matter what they do they cannot stop the truth from dangerously unfolding before them.

The OPP assigns Constable George to lead the investigation and he is soon drawn into the lives of the 'Lakers' as he uncovers the identity of the remains. The closer he comes to the shocking truth, he begins to also find answers to a mystery from his own past. But will facing his own pain hurt those around him and test his limits as an officer of the law?

Please download your copy of LAKERS: MURDER ON THE WATER for free from October 17th through to October 21st, and help a small self-published author make it in this huge business and leave a great review! Click photo for link to Amazon directly!

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