How To Chose A Title For Your Book

The hard part was over – or so you thought. Writing your story comes from a marriage of your heart and your imagination. It’s pure and unbridled and there are very few rules you need to follow. You can imagine a lifetime in a page or describe a twenty-four-hour journey encompassing fifty thousand words.

But what are you going to call it? Like naming a child, the title of your book carries a lot of weight and importance. It is how each and every version of your work will be remembered. Some writers have a name in mind and create from there, others are not so lucky or may find themselves caught between two choices.

Here are some tips to help narrow down your workload.

Keep it Short: A short title is easier for readers to take in whether on a book shelf or a url on line. Easy to read generally translates into easy to remember.

Make it Easy to Say: It’s a good idea to make your book relatable to your reader. If your reader cannot even pronounce the title, it’s a good chance they are not going to connect with the plot, theme or idea.

How To Chose A Title For Your Book
How To Chose A Title For Your Book | L.L. Abbott Blog Post

Make it Memorable: Being original or having a combination of words that roll off the tongue easily are great ways to make your title easy to remember. A great feature when your reader is trying to look up that ‘new’ book their friend mentioned at lunch.

Keep it Simple: Don’t try and sum up your whole story line in the title. Use it as an ‘informative hook’. Get the reader interested enough to pick up the book and read the summary or click on your web link to read more about the story.

Make Sure You Love It: If you are lucky, you will be talking about your story many, many times. Make sure it’s a title you like to say and are proud of.