"If Jason Bourne had a sister ... Anna Ledin would be her!" - THE BLACKWATER OPERATIVE

"If Jason Bourne had a sister . . . Anna Ledin would be her!"

I love this comparison by a reader. When I created the lead female protagonist in THE BLACKWATER OPERATIVE I focused on what most young girls dream of becoming - a spy!

Okay, maybe not all girls but a whole lot. This is definitely a genre and area that is lacking in strong female leads and history has shown us that women can make some of the best, and effective spies.

In this action, suspense thriller, Anna Ledin is an ex-special agent who is still recovering from the loss of her partner when she is dragged back into the dangerous world of espionage when she realizes she may be the only person able to thwart an attack on the government and democracy, AND exact revenge on the persons responsible for the attack that took her partner's life.

Anna soon finds she is running for her life and forced to partner with an agent who betrayed her in the past.

As Anna learns to trust, she is faced with secrets from her past that cause her to view her life in a new light.

Can she move past her demons to complete the operation and avoid an attack?

Find out with your very own copy in paperback or ebook.

And get ready for the sequel book that will be released the beginning of 2019!

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