My favourite book fairs

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

You may just find your next favourite author, or just a really interesting read right around the next table.

Leafing through books that have been loved, read and shelved by a fellow book lover is a great way to find some popular reads that you may not hear about in a national book review.

Looking for Clues

“Find the book with the curled pages and well-worn covers for a clue that it was a great read that kept the reader coming back for more.”

Books go in and out of print and with the plethora of amazing writers and imaginations, there are too many for libraries and bookstores to keep on their shelves.

Share & Purge

You’ll be in a win-win situation when you donate some of your books to local book fairs, fundraisers and donation boxes - because others will be able to share in your joy of what you read and you'll be making room for more books for yourself!

“Be kind, share your favourite story.

Book clubs are a great way to get together with friends and share some great reads. You also will delve into books that you may not have picked up because they become part of your next book club read.

Get Inspired

Stretch your genre. Kind of like 'yoga for your mind'. Reaching into the biography section when you are used to romance may be a good way to shake up your reading profile.

Good luck!