New Murder Mystery Novel on Amazon and Kobo

From the author of Murder On The Water, comes a suspenseful thriller with a twist only a small town could muster.

A mysterious dead body is a small town's worst nightmare - until the clues start to point to one of their own as the killer.

To Lake Pines' coroner, Doctor Kerry Dearborne, death is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, it's the focus of her life's career. But when a young woman's body is found and she begins to investigate, the focus becomes personal when she realizes the unnamed victim may not find justice through Constable Wayne Burgess' investigation. She finds herself becoming obsessed with giving the victim a name and giving her family closure.

Evidence soon begins to point to a number of people close to Kerry, and she is torn between what the evidence is showing her and what her heart wants to believe. As the coroner gets closer to solving the mystery of the unknown victim, she soon learns that the truth is far more horrific than she could have imagined.

For fans of James Patterson, David Baldacci, Tana French and Louise Penny, this fast paced suspenseful murder mystery is perfect for your next read.

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