ROGUE - the exciting new release on Amazon and Kobo

There is so much excitement surrounding the release of ROGUE by L.L. Abbott on Amazon and Kobo. The third instalment in the Anna Ledin Spy Series is sure to be a real page turner with the fast action chapters and at the same time will challenge what you read in the news today.

During a black-ops surveillance of a Chinese target, an agent goes missing and the operation hits a dead end – or so they thought.

Reenter the world of Anna Ledin, an expert black-ops agent, who is still haunted by secrets from her past. Having disappeared during a black-ops surveillance of a key Chinese target, Agent Ledin finds herself disturbed by fragmented memories that threaten to reveal a terrifying truth. The danger of cyber attacks against the US has escalated to a global level and the secret unit assembled by President Stuart must maneuver through the dangerous world of international espionage while hoping to find the truth behind the link to President Zhi and the attacks, if she is to retain the support of her political allies. The ever-shifting alliances on the global political stage create a timeline for President Stuart to prove the Chinese are behind the attack if she is to stop them from destroying America and her presidency.

Anna Ledin sets out to reveal the true catalyst behind the attacks against the US while trying to suppress her memories during the time she was missing. But Anna doesn’t realize that the path to revealing the true threat to the US will also force her to work with one of her country’s oldest enemies. The mastermind behind the attacks has predicted most of her moves but what they didn’t count on was her willingness to survive, her ultimate loyalty to her country and her pledge to stop them from overthrowing the US.

However, the answer may also kill her . . .

Follow this action packed international spy thriller series around the globe in the third book in the Anna Ledin Spy Series.

Book 1: The Blackwater Operative

Book 2: The Phoenix Code

Book 3: Rogue

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