Self Isolation = Book Time

During this unprecedented time of the global population needing to #selfisolate and #stayin it can lead to a lot of anxiousness and upset. This is real and it is serious. Staying in and helping control the spread of Covid-19 is one sure way to help get our world back.

But what to do during your 'lock-in'? Support an indie author and buy a book.

There are many on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), Kobo, Apple (iBooks) and Google Play.

Looking for a Murder Mystery book?

If you are a fan of murder mysteries that offer a twist (and who doesn't love a twist) then you will want to add MURDER ON THE WATER and DEATH AT DECEPTION BAY to your list.

Looking for a Suspenseful Thriller?

For readers who love suspenseful international spy thrillers then you will want to start the Anna Ledin Spy Series. Book 1: THE BLACKWATER OPERATIVE and Book 2: THE PHOENIX CODE both follow international agent Anna Ledin as she battles forces who attack her government and threaten democracy around the world, as she also finds herself forced to face secrets from her family's past that run perilously close to the threat she is trying to thwart.

Looking for a book for a teen?

Now is a great time to encourage teens to pick up a book (ereaders qualify 😏) A HERO AMONG THEM is a work of historical fiction that is inspired by real life British War Hero W.T. Colclough. The story follows four boyhood friends who enlist to fight for their country and Queen. Little did they know they would be thrown into some of the most brutal battles in British history. Together they learn the importance of friendship, the real meaning of courage and the honour that is held between soldiers.

Looking for a book for a young child?

CAROLE AND THE SECRET QUEEN'S SCARF should be next on your list! Snuggle up and read this colourful rhyming story of imagination. A book that will introduce your young child to words, poetry and imagination helping to spark a lifelong love of reading.

Thanks for supporting independent authors around the world!

Happy Reading!