The latest Teen & YA Historical Fiction Novel to sell on Amazon

I would like to share a one-day $0.99 e-book promotion on Amazon Kindle on November 14th for the Teen & YA Historical Fiction novel - A HERO AMONG THEM - The Untold Story of a British War Hero.

Four friends enlist in one of Britain's most intense battles, only to find that what they expect is much different from the reality of war they are faced with. When young William enlists underage, he is soon thrust into battles unimaginable and will test his resolve. By the end of the Second Boer War, William has had near encounters with Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and is awarded the Queen's Scarf, an honour to last a lifetime.

Inspired by the real life British soldier with the Devonshire Regiment, W.T. Colclough.

A story of friendship, of coming-of-age and of the lasting effects of war.

Sharing stories of those that fought, served and died for our freedom is essential to keeping alive freedom and democracy. As those that have fought in the world wars are leaving us, we are in peril of losing the first degree attachment to the importance of their sacrifices along with others who have gone before them.

Stories and novels are a great way to combat current political unease and give history a chance to stay alive and strong and, hopefully, keep us from repeating the past atrocities.

I wanted to make this book available for Teens & Young Adults so they may share in a personal story of real-life soldier who committed his life to serve for democracy and freedom in two countries. Canada and Britain.

Thank you for sharing!