The Phoenix Code by L.L. Abbott

It’s here! Just released THE PHOENIX CODE by L.L. Abbott.

Following The Blackwater Operative, this is the second book in the Anna Ledin International Spy Thriller Series.

Shocking revelations from her past bring more questions than answers into Anna Ledin’s life after she reads her late father’s journal.

Welcoming any distraction, she agrees to help Simon with the undercover operation approved by the newly appointed President. Simon is tasked with retrieving a computer chip that holds terrifying military repercussions and contains advanced technology never seen before. When Anna arrives she finds they are both embroiled in an underground terrorist plot that could prove disastrous for the free world and put the balance of power in the hands of dictators, who up until now have been kept in check by world organizations.

After a top scientist, Dr. Albert Thornton, perfects the use of Bio-Hacking technology he soon finds military applications are more profitable than the altruistic ones he had initially set out to develop, and it is rapidly stolen from Lakeman Security Labs.

The stolen chip containing the complete code for the formula brings together undercover operatives from other governments and subversive factions fighting the exploitation by their government.

Anna is in a race against time when the stolen chip activates a 72 hour window to retrieve the chip before it self destructs. What she didn’t count on is that the secret to controlling the device is hidden in her past.

After she figures out who she can trust, can she protect her secret?

Fans of fast paced thriller series such as The Bourne series or Mission Impossible and authors such as Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, or Tom Clancy will enjoy the new Anna Ledin Spy Series Books.


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