Top reasons you should give a book as a gift

Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, holiday - whatever the occasion if a gift is required there are so many reasons that a book is the perfect gift for anyone. It is so easy to get sucked up into the retail vortex. There are a plethora of images that stream through our days telling us what we should wear, drive or own. Very little of what is advertised promotes a gift that can be thought provoking and can spark imagination. And each book can be interpreted differently for each person.

One person reading a Jason Bourne thriller takes away the pure, raw excitement of the chase while another is consumed with the concept of mind control. But both readers enjoy the story.

It is wonderful to also encourage kids and teenagers to read by gifting them a book about a sport star they try to emulate in a game, a music group they follow or a famous person in history, like Nelson Mandela who has made a resounding difference around the world.

There are also practical and humorous reasons to give a book as a gift. . .

  1. Books never come in the wrong size (or colour)

  2. No one is allergic to a book (at least I think so)

  3. Books don't go out of style (I still love The Count of Montecristo)

  4. No assembly required

  5. They are easier to wrap than a set of golf clubs

  6. You can go anywhere with your imagination in a book (corny but true)

  7. Books - eBooks, paperbacks and audiobooks are an affordable gift

  8. A book is a gift you can open again - and again - and again!

Whether you read fiction or non-fiction or both, there is a story out there waiting for you to read or give as a gift. With Father's Day fast approaching downloading an ebook as a gift is a great way to stay within budget as well as on time.

Happy giving - and happy reading!


L.L. Abbott braves the Canadian Prairie winters with her family where she writes suspenseful thrillers, mysteries and contemporary fiction.  She has been a ghost writer for years contributing to forums, blogs and corporate print material. Her books weave together interesting people, international locations, adventure and a thrilling sense of suspense.