When a title is more than words. How Deadly Past found its name.

It's not always the first title that makes the cover of a novel. I have a couple of journals hidden deep in my drawer where I collect various bits of information - possible titles fills one book alone.

Names of characters, as some just pop into my mind (as was the case for Rose Farnsworth in The Hotel Penn) while others are a compilation of names in articles, on signs, or even of the local store clerk.

It's probably a good place to mention that with the exception of Order From Karoo Bridge, I have never used the name of someone I know when writing a story. This is probably a good thing since most are murder mysteries.

Other important information can be something as minor as a line that I realized would fit a character perfectly, like Kerry Dearborne from Lake Pines Mystery Series, but I just don't have a place to currently use it. Storylines, ideas for red herrings, and on and on. You get the picture.

But back to the title...

The all-important branding that my story will reside with on the dusty shelves of Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble can consume several hours.

When I have a few seconds to grab a reader's attention and encourage them to dig deeper and read the book's description it no longer is an act of desire - but one of need.

Keywords play into that plan with the focus on dead, murder, kill, secret or hidden.

Deadly Past is about just that - pasts that hold hidden secrets that if brought to light can (and often are) deadly.

Three storylines weave their way through the seventh book in The Lake Pines Mystery Series and parallel the book's characters' struggle with what they should do about a secret from the past. Truth, even if you're one to defend it, isn't always worth revealing.

This, ultimately, is the common thread that holds the series together. The underlying moral struggles and the desire to do what's right are pushed up against the reality of what that truth will do to those we care about.

In short, the books in The Lake Pines Mystery Series are about principles and our expectations.

Primarily my hope is to entertain readers with a touch of a classic whodunit in a contemporary novel while holding true to the belief that most people want to be good.

The latest novel, Deadly Past, can be purchased through Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

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