Why I couldn't let my Main Character go, just yet.

Connecting with the main character in your WIP can be as painful as separating from a friend. You build back stories and lives for fictional characters that you will never meet but you know more personally than anyone in your life.

Creating Anna Ledin was that character in The Blackwater Operative. In creating the main character in a suspenseful thriller, it was important to me that it was a strong female character. I avoided stereotypes of female characters that have, unfortunately, played out in so many novels. Agent Ledin was a compilation of so many strong, bright women that have inspired me through my life. I wanted the character to not only be inspirational but to also be relatable. Vulnerability is visible in every aspect the novel, alongside extreme bravery and the pull to do what is right - no matter the cost.

One of the first people to review The Blackwater Operative said, "Anna Ledin is what Jason Bourne's sister would be like!"

I couldn't agree more. The ability to feel pain, fight for what is right and have the staying power to keep going.

Read The Blackwater Operative and get ready for the new release of The Phoenix Code which takes Anna Ledin on another operation only to find she is soon running for her life while running headfirst into her family's past that could have devastating repercussions.

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