Four teens with nothing in common are forced to decide what's really important as peer pressure and social expectations threaten to define who they should be.

What Teens & Parents have said. . .

"Good laughs while dealing with real teen issues."

"A story that touched on real issues that teens are dealing with today, but written in a tone and style that is perfect for younger teens and tweens."

"I've been looking for a novel that touches on peer pressure and social media for my teen who is going into high school - and this does just that, while showing kids that even when things don't seem to work out, it's okay."

"A fun, easy read that doesn't make teens feel uncomfortable reading but still touches on real issues that they'll face in their lives."

"Started the conversation I wanted to have with my teen!"



Jayson is obsessed with social media and being 'followed' - but when he is ready to start high school and is life is turned upside down, he must decide what's important.

Grade 9 was supposed to be the year that Jayson became less un-cool. . . then everything changed.

By the time Jayson is ready to begin his first day of grade nine his world has been turned upside down. His parents won’t talk about his sister’s attempted suicide, his grandmother dies when he is in the room alone with her revealing a family secret he cannot reveal, his best friend is moving away and for the last three years he hasn’t been able to shake the nickname he was blasted with in gym class.

The second day at school finds Jayson in the middle of an epic fight in the cafeteria and lands him in a year long detention along with three other students caught at the helm.

Amid failed arguments and protests of innocence, the four students are made to be an example by the new principle eager to establish his authority in the school and are given a choice. Detention or dismissal.

Four teens who have nothing in common must find a way to work together if they are going to make it to the end of the year without getting expelled.

As the year,and their connection in each other’s lives evolves, Jayson realizes that each one of them has their own hurdle to overcome and that they may not be all that different from each other as he once thought.

As the group reaches the end of the school year, they are each faced with a major decision that could change their futures and will determine their place for the rest of high school.

"A feel good coming of age story for teens everywhere."


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