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The guilty pleasure read you didn't know you needed . . .

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Meet Anna Ledin, the U.S. government's top active female spy until an attack on her unit turned her life upside down. She is coerced back into the dangerous world of international espionage when the imminent threat to her country leaves few people to trust on the inside and Anna is forced to work with the one agent she doesn't trust. Having thwarted the attack on her country, she finds herself ensconced in an international mission that pits Anna and her partner against rogue leaders that have harnessed an eerie biohacking technology that could threaten democracy.

With a catastrophic attack thwarted, and a hidden family secret revealed, you would think this top agent could take a break. Wrong. She is soon deep in a black ops mission hoping to reveal the perpetrator of a cyber attack against her government when she goes missing.

Her target thinks that is the end of the operation.

They were wrong.

Reading with Coffee


Kickass, Badass Female Lead

Gripping story with a kickass, badass female lead. The first in a series is a must read!

A fast paced story!

If Jason Bourne had a sister, it would be Anna Ledin!

I loved how the character was involved in a number of countries. I will say, the ending mirrored real life.

A brilliant series

I held my breath until the third book and boy was it worth it.

A must read series.

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