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"One of the best historical fiction books I've read this year." 

The Hotel Penn | an historical fiction novel set in NYC during 1919

What do you do when you’re a woman who dreams of independence in 1919?


Amid a changing social scene that’s sweeping the nation, seventeen-year-old Rose Farnsworth leaves her home in Ohio for a fresh start and a new job at The Hotel Penn.

The new hotel is a bustling hive of activity in the middle of America’s most electrifying city of its time, but for the impressionable young women who work there, it represents their only chance to escape the poverty and restriction that’s suppressed the women in their families for generations.

1919 is filled with possibilities – especially for young women, and New York City is the epi-center of that transformation.

Jazz clubs, women’s rights and facing the chance to follow the great American dream - Rose must come to terms with her own acceptance of how the changing social scene in the country will affect those she cares about while coping with the doubts of leaving behind her life in Ohio.

When Rose finds an opportunity to show the world what she can do, will her decision secure her independence or will her dreams be ruined?

Buy The Hotel Penn and capture the energy of 1919 today!

"bravely crossing the chasm that separates one generation from the other"

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Customer reviews. . .

"I live in NYC and loved that this book highlighted one of our iconic hotels with such a heartwarming story."

"This book is a real statement of women's rights in North America and told in a lovely story."

"Such a nice book, and I enjoyed it so much I added it to my book club list."

"A great book with interesting characters! I would love to meet Rose!"

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