"In a time and a city alive with possibilities, Rose takes a chance." 

"bravely crossing the chasm that separates one generation from the other"

Her life was destined to change. . .

. . .all because of what was going to happen in room 1783.


As the country awakens to 1919, a dynamic social and economic change begins to sweep the nation, and New York City is the epicentre of that transformation. The Hotel Pennsylvania is a magnet of excitement for a young generation looking for hope and independence.

The new hotel is a bustling hive of activity in the middle of America’s most electrifying city of its time, but for 17-year-old Rose Farnsworth, it represents her only chance to escape the poverty and restriction that has suppressed the women in her family for generations.

New York’s Jazz Age in 1919 is filled with possibilities - especially for young women. Yet, as Rose takes on her new life as a working woman at the hotel, she must come to terms with her own acceptance of how the changing social scene will affect those she cares about, while coping with the life she left behind in Ohio.

The Hotel Penn invites you to slip back in time and into another world and, in doing so, experience the hope and faith that was essential in building a new generation.


*Inspired by events and people that changed the fabric of their country by taking a chance and believing in change. The Hotel Penn is a story about finding your own identity while accepting love, friendship and change and holding true to your heart to the end.

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