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The Blackwater Operative by L.L Abbott | Spy Thriller Series
Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott
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In the international world of espionage, sometimes government agents are sacrificed.

Even when it means killing one of their own.

Anna, an elite covert special agent, is still recovering from the violent attack that took her unit when she agrees to return to the dangerous world of espionage. Old world betrayals and long-buried family secrets begin to surface as she tries to thwart an attack on her government that threatens to have global repercussions.

Anna has been in danger before as a spy in counterintelligence – and survival for her is second nature. But to save the U.S. from certain political terrorism, she must agree to work undercover with the one agent she doesn’t trust, putting her life, and the fate of the country, in his hands.

Will she have what it takes to outrun and outwit the enemy?

Will she be forced to sacrifice secrets from her past in order to survive?

Buy The Blackwater Operative and uncover the dangerous plot today!


The Blackwater Operative is the first book in the pulse-pounding Anna Ledin Spy thriller series. If you like deceptive antiheros, shocking plot twists and turns, action and adventure, and pages so riveting they practically flip themselves, you’ll love this series.

The Blackwater Operative | book 1 in The Anna Ledin Spy Thriller Series

Customer reviews. . .

"A great story, I couldn't put it down!"

"A kick-ass, bad-ass female spy - without your ordinary tropes!"

"A great start to this series."

"Must read this series!"

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