The Backwater Operative | International Spy Thriller & Suspense Novel on KOBO and Amazon

The closer she gets to the truth. . .

. . .the faster she runs for her life.

Anna is about to learn that the one thing that can convince her to return to the dangerous world of espionage, is also the one thing that could kill her.

Old world betrayals and long buried family secrets begin to surface as Anna tries to thwart an attack on her government that threatens to have global repercussions.

Coerced to work in complete secrecy, she discovers that it’s necessary to partner with the one person she doesn’t trust, and as things begin to take a turn for the worst, she also is forced to put her life in his hands.

As she is running for her life, she knows she must be able to outwit and outrun the enemy if she is going to prevent an attack and remain alive.

If you enjoy International Suspense Thrillers with fast paced protagonists like Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher or Ethan Hunt – then you’ll love this International Spy Series.

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Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott
Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott

The complete series.

The Blackwater Operative by L.L. Abbott
Book 1
The Phoenix Code | Book 2 in the Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 2
Rogue | Book 3 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 3
Blown | Book 4 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 4

"an action packed adventure novel, full of suspense, twists and turns - the latest fiction novel that just could be real"

"A great story, I couldn't put it down!"

"A kick-ass, bad-ass female spy - without your ordinary tropes!"

"A great start to this series."

"Must read this series!"


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