Loyalty comes at a cost. Patriotism has a price.



The U.S. government’s top covert agent has just completed a job for the Russian President, fulfilling her debt to him, and allowing her to refocus her attention where it’s needed most. Her country.

The President learns that a terrorist group is planning to attack the United States government, led by an unknown enemy, leaving only a handful of clues to follow. President Stuart quickly tasks her two top agents with finding and stopping the attackers, before they have a chance to enter the country.

Their discovery brings them face to face with the terrifying enemies of their country and government, and soon reveals the frightening plan that is about to unravel.

Amid sweeping unrest in the country, the team investigating the planned attack on the United States come to the disturbing realization that the attack is more widespread, and closer, than they had imagined, and they are soon in a race against time to save their country.

But will the frightful truth be enough to make the country’s top covert agent quit? Or will the threat be just enough to see her through?

Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott
Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott

The complete series.

The Blackwater Operative by L.L. Abbott
Book 1
The Phoenix Code | Book 2 in the Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 2
Rogue | Book 3 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 3
Blown | Book 4 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 4

"an action packed adventure novel, full of suspense, twists and turns - the latest fiction novel that just could be real"

"A great story, I couldn't put it down!"

"A kick-ass, bad-ass female spy - without your ordinary tropes!"

"Tech-espionage blended into a great spy novel."

"Must read this series!"



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