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The Love Trip | A hilarious holiday romantic comedy

Ivy's Love On The Run travel blog has made her an online media sensation…or so she pretends.

However, the dirty little secret she’s hiding from her readers threatens to end it all.


Determined to not lose her coveted job, Ivy agrees to visit The Slopes, the romantic Lake Tahoe ski resort, when the airline that funds her blog insists that she travel to Nevada over the holidays to complete a review.

Ivy’s spark for the holidays has also faded. Her approaching yuletide birthday coupled with the unceremonious end to her three-year relationship and her fear of travel has only made her want to hide away in her apartment.

A secret hopeless romantic and online destination travel blogger, Ivy Saxe’s review of the romantic ski resort in Lake Tahoe isn’t off to a good start. A disruption during her flight, an embarrassing encounter with another blogger at the resort, and a revelation she wasn’t expecting – leave her wanting to end the trip and her review of the resort.

Ivy may have finally (and unexpectedly) found true love, but she soon realizes that she’s the only one standing in the way of her own happiness.

Will Ivy's review of The Slopes have her careening out of control, or will she finally fall into true love and have the happily ever after she promises each of her readers?

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The Love Trip | a hilarious holiday romantic comedy

Customer reviews. . .

"I was laughing from the first page!"
"Keep them coming!"
"This is Bridget Jones' Diary meets Sophie Kinsella. Loved it."

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