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Bridge Over a Lake

Lake Pines.

It's more than a place,

it's your story.

Lake Pines Mystery Series | Great Canadian Series

Love Murder Mysteries?

Want Canadian Fiction?

Welcome to Lake Pines. A fictional small town in Northwestern Ontario that is home to both year round residents and summer cottage owners.

Hidden secrets, private lives and tension mount year round and lay the groundwork for treacherous crimes. Some even murder.

With the town's coroner, Dr. Kerry Dearborne, woefully under funded, she struggles to work with the local police department while investigating crimes and making sure the victims eventually find justice. Even if it is after they have died.

My love of the Canadian outdoors and murder mysteries with a twist are the drive behind the stories that bind this series together.

Reading with Coffee


An unputdownable book

I was hooked trying to figure out who the killer was until the surprise ending!

A must read mystery

I received the first book as a gift and loved how the author worked the lives of so many characters into the book, twisting them together until the very end. I am looking forward to the second book!

A Canadian Necessity

A great series, I devoured both books this summer and can't wait for the next book.

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