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I'm not your average ghostwriter.

I’m a reader, writer, and entrepreneur.

I understand the financial benefits of promoting you and your business. I create lead magnets, and personal biographies and listen to history (and dead people) for motivation and guidance. I can also help you craft emotionally binding memoirs that will carry on your story for generations to come.


Because there’s something captivating about self-made luminaries who crafted their own legends.


Because they had a story so powerful that we STILL find them fascinating years after they’ve gone.

That's why I study them.

Everyone makes a first impression – why not make yours a lasting one?

How about YOUR business? Does the world need to know more about you, your company, or your cause?

If the answer is yes, then let me print the words.

I’ll craft a message in a story that promotes you and your company that will attract the customers and clients you desire.

Let me give you an example . . . 

If I were to mention Clydesdale horses pulling a sleigh or animated polar bears sliding down a snow-covered mound, would you be able to name the two iconic brands they represent?

That is Awareness Marketing and it begins when your story is created.

You may never end up in a Superbowl advertisement (never say never), but I offer each client a unique type of storytelling – an almost mythical way of getting them noticed.

I use iconic storytelling in a voice that not only speaks to their clients, family, and followers – but especially to who they are and what they want their message to be. I use business-focused copywriting techniques to create captivating and dynamic content that makes a lasting impact, and paint each project with the creativity that allows your story to stand out.

Everyone has a story. Whether it’s a novel, personal memoir, business book, collection of articles, or an updated company bio.

In our changing world, your story is a way to get your message across, reaching out through the internet and offering a virtual greeting to anyone you want to connect with. And the story can be what you want it to be. Inspirational, humorous, gripping, insightful – or all the above.

That’s where I jump in.

I put your story to words, using your voice.

So, if you’d like a story that’s worthy of being read and you believe it can connect you with your ideal clients and customers, and allow you to stand out in your industry – then we should talk.


I help organizations unleash their creative potential so they can share their message, product, or service with profitable clients.

Here are some of the things my writing service offers:

  • Book Coaching

  • SEO-optimized blogs and articles

  • Email and Social Media Sales Funnels

  • Website content + responsive design-build


Are you intrigued?

If you feel establishing your story can leave a lasting legend or help you connect in business, email me at and let’s start crafting YOUR STORY.

Pink Sugar


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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