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The Phoenix Code by L.L. Abbott | the Anna Ledin Thriller Spy Series
Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott
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A ruthless enemy has developed a bio-hacking technology that threatens millions of people.


How long will it take before the U.S. enlists their top covert agent to hunt down the code?

When the existence of a dangerous bio-hacking technology is discovered, Anna must not only secure the master computer chip but the code that controls it.

What Anna uncovers sends shock waves through not only her own government but those fighting to obtain control of the dangerous technology.

Caught in an action-packed labyrinth of secrecy and lies, Anna battles to save her partner as well as her own government but risks revealing a deep dangerous family secret in the process.

From the underground lab in Kazakhstan, through the labyrinth of deceit in Russia, and then through the complex espionage structure of London, a desperate race unfolds.

Will Anna be able to stay loyal to her mission or will her family bond be stronger?

Buy The Phoenix Code and break the code today!


The Phoenix Code is the second book in the pulse-pounding Anna Ledin Spy thriller series. If you like deceptive antiheroes, shocking plot twists and turns, action and adventure, and pages so riveting they practically flip themselves, you’ll love this series.

The Phoenix Code | book 2 in The Anna Ledin Spy Thriller Series

Customer reviews. . .

"Tech-espionage blended into a great spy novel."
"I loved the international locations and learning about bio-hacking."
"This author hit the nail on the head. I work in tech and not only is everything in this book accurate, it also has happened!"
"Such a fun series, and an interesting female MC!"
"One of the best thriller suspense novels I've read this year."

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