Was her father’s journal the key?

Would her obsession get her killed?

The world has never been more dangerous, the problem was, no one would believe her.

An eerie bio-hacking technology has been pioneered by an underground culture, but it only took one rogue scientist to make it a world threat.

With time running out, Anna has 72 hours to search for the key that can stop the use of this mass mind controlling technology as it comes terrifyingly close to falling into the wrong hands.

Will she find the answers she needs to stop it?

Or will her desire to protect her family’s secrets cause Anna to put everything on the line?

You’ll be consumed in this action-packed thriller inspired by the real-world lives of Grinders and the incredible bio-hacking technology they pioneer.

Perfect for fans of Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Daniel Silva and Tom Clancy.

Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott
The Phoenix Code | International Spy Thriller & Suspense Novel on KOBO and Amazon
Anna Ledin Spy Series | by L.L. Abbott

The complete series.

The Blackwater Operative by L.L. Abbott
Book 1
The Phoenix Code | Book 2 in the Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 2
Rogue | Book 3 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 3
Blown | Book 4 Anna Ledin Spy Series
Book 4

"an action packed adventure novel, full of suspense, twists and turns - the latest fiction novel that just could be real"

"A great story, I couldn't put it down!"

"A kick-ass, bad-ass female spy - without your ordinary tropes!"

"Tech-espionage blended into a great spy novel."

"Must read this series!"


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