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Kids book on belonging, fitting in and adoption
Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott

Mama, Why Don't I Belong?

WAt times, everyone

When a curious little puppy realizes he looks and acts differently from the other pups in his family, he begins to question if he belongs.


Especially when he notices the family of birds, squirrels, foxes and cats in the park all look alike.


Soon he is reminded that being a family is what is in your heart, not in your fur.


At times, everyone can feel different for one reason or another, and sometimes that can make you feel like you don't belong.


Enjoy this colorful story that teaches children about belonging and recognizing that the true meaning of family is what you feel in your heart.



A colorful kids book that shares a valuable message to both young and old that belonging to a family goes deeper than what people see. Every child is unique and everyone belongs and every family is important and should be celebrated. Get this brightly illustrated fiction book today.

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