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Conspiracy of Blood | A Lake Pines Mystery Book 6

An unknown victim, international secrets

and a killer who is one step ahead.



Read the 6th book in the Lake Pines Mystery Series today.

Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott

When a body of a woman is found at the base of a crevice on a remote island, Kerry immediately suspects foul play.

Clues offer a glimpse into the victim’s life, but it sends Kerry in a direction that no one expected it to go.

As fear of a serial killer builds in the community, Simon and Kerry must move quickly if they are going to put the residents of Lake Pines at ease.

Will Kerry & Simon be able to uncover the real crime before the killer escapes their grasp? Or will this be the first case that evades them?

Buy Conspiracy of Blood and uncover the secrets to murder.


Conspiracy of Blood is the sixth book in the gripping Lake Pines Mystery thriller series. If you like contemporary whodunits, shocking plot twists and turns, and pages so riveting they practically flip themselves, you’ll love this series.


Customer reviews. . .

"A new book and a new story, never a repeat."

"Classic whodunnit with a contemporary twist."

"Murder Mystery without the gore - I'm such a fan."

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