Crimes from the past don't always stay hidden.

A harsh cold winter blows into Lake Pines, and with it, the murder of a much-loved local artist.

The grim discovery of the artist's body sends chills through the small town, as the local police rush to find the killer and put the residents at ease.

Lack of evidence at the murder scene; suspects that hold a trail of deceit; as well as one of the area's worst blizzards all threaten to leave the case unsolved. However, Dr. Kerry Dearborne, the local coroner, is determined to find the murderer.

Hidden secrets of a past life leave Kerry wondering if those involved are focused on betrayal or redemption.

And has her asking, “Can someone be forgiven of murder?”

This fourth book of the Lake Pines Mystery Series is full of suspense, mystery and action that will keep you glued through to the final sentence.

The Dead Of Winter | Lake Pines Mystery #4
The Dead Of Winter (Lake Pines Mystery #4) on Goodreads
A Lake Pines Mystery Series
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The Dead Of Winter by L.L. Abbott


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