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Last To Die | a great must read mystery novel
Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott

Seven strangers.

An enigmatic host.

A lie that became the perfect crime. 



Everyone's been invited back to the one place that holds a deadly secret.

The guests. The resort. The storm. The revenge.

Read the 11th book in the Lake Pines Series today.


Everyone’s been invited back, to the one place that holds a deadly secret.
The guests. The resort. The storm. The revenge.

In the heart of an isolated resort, unsuspecting guests arrive for a pre-Christmas holiday only to find themselves entwined in a web of secrets… and suspicion.

Nearing the end of her probation, Simon whisks Kerry away to the secluded haven where the tranquil surroundings hope to provide the perfect backdrop where she can work through the weight of an important decision. Whether she should continue being the coroner for Lake Pines.

However, Kerry is thrust into the exact environment she’s been trying to escape when a guest’s death shatters the Yuletide tranquility at Miskwaa Lodge.

As a brutal storm descends upon the region, cutting off road and cellular access to the lodge, a second guest is found dead, prompting Kerry and Simon to search for clues, but they quickly learn that secrets spread like poison in the small group of strangers.

Eventually, each guest becomes a suspect, and every whispered conversation holds a clue.
Can Kerry and Simon piece together the truth before another guest is murdered?


Set against the backdrop of the idyllic, but fictional, lakeside town of Lake Pines, LAST TO DIE is the eleventh book in a gripping mystery series. With twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the final page, this is a story about the lengths we'll go to protect our secrets, and the dangerous consequences that can arise when those secrets are revealed.

'With a loving nod to the classic AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, L.L. Abbott's newest Lake Pines Mystery brings together a group of would-be strangers to a remote lodge, in the middle of a snowstorm, for the best reason possible: Murder. It's twisty, it's turny, and it'll keep you guessing as Abbott takes her lead character, and her readers, out of their regular environment, turning up the heat in this cold tale with non-stop action, big reveals, and a couple of surprises even after the mystery is solved. LAST TO DIE is simply great fun. Agatha would be proud.'
- Steve Silverman, Author, 'Drown Town'

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