​Kerry had just one question. . .

. . .who was the young murder victim on her table?


A battered body is found partially buried and quickly becomes the small town’s worst nightmare as clues start to point to one of their own as the killer.


Death is not upsetting to Kerry; in fact, it’s the focus of her career. But when she begins to investigate the identity of the latest victim in Lake Pines, she fears the unnamed victim may not find justice from the local police.

Kerry becomes obsessed with giving the young victim a name; and the closer she comes to the answer, she learns a truth that is far more horrific than she could have imagined.

A suspenseful murder mystery with a twist that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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A Lake Pines Mystery Series
Murder On The Water | A Lake Pines Mystery

Book 1

A Murder Of Crows | A Lake Pines Mystery

Book 3

Other books in the series

a fast paced suspenseful story

a page turner

A murder mystery novel set in a small town in Northwestern Ontario, with suspenseful twists.


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