The first story published revealing the events leading up to the moment William Colclough received the Queen’s award during the height of the Second Boer War in South Africa.


“In silence, as they walked, they tried to focus on the honour of carrying a fallen soldier back to their regiment. Only one of the fiends was successful, the other two could only think of the fear that was rising inside them for what lay ahead.”

William enlists in the British Military with his  childhood friends and they become the Queen’s soldiers with exuberance and enthusiasm that is only felt by their youth.

But the harsh wars they fight take their toll on the young Brits, and their enthusiasm begins to break under the war in the trenches.

Through the years of the hardships of wars and the feeling of lost hope, William vows to not lose sight of honour among soldiers and the dignity in doing what’s right . . .  if only he can come out of the war alive.

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**Previously published as A HERO AMONG THEM**

An untold story of a real life British soldier that many young Britons and Canadians can absorb.

Fans of historical-fiction will appreciate this tale of four boyhood friends that serve together for the Empire as the Queen's men, and experience on their journey together the harshness of war, loss of lives as they build a deep-bond of friendship that will last a lifetime.

A coming of age story set mainly in South Africa in the 19th Century, full of action and adventure. Inspired by real life military and war hero that reveals his connection to childhood friends and his battles fighting for England during the Second Boer War. His connection to England's Queen Victoria leaves a legacy for generations to preserve.


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