The truth emerges, one murder at a time.

When a reclusive resident of Lake Pines is found murdered in his cottage, Doctor Kerry Dearborne and Constable Wayne Burgess scramble to the scene. It doesn’t take long to realize there is more to the murder than is first thought.

The crime scene only offers more questions than answers as the forensic team scour the property for signs of a weapon or for any trace of who the killer was.

As they dive deeper into the personal life of the victim, Kerry and the investigative team come to the disturbing realization that the murder was not the result of a random attack and that more people may be in danger – and that the killer will stop at nothing to get even.

Hidden family secrets and a murderer intent on revenge puts Kerry in danger as she tries to unveil the truth before someone else pays the ultimate price.

This is the third book of the Lake Pines Mystery Series and is chock-full of suspense, mystery and action that will keep you glued through the final sentence.

A Lake Pines Mystery Series
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A Lake Pines Mystery Series
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Hidden family secrets and a killer set on revenge . . . there's more to this case than meets the eye.

New murder mystery books to fill your winter reading list. Available in eBook and paperback format.


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