The truth emerges, one victim at a time.


When Sebastian Crow is found murdered in his secluded cottage on Crow Island, it seems like an open and shut case of a burglary gone wrong.

That is - until Dr. Kerry Dearborne arrives.

With a ghastly murder scene, no weapon, and every access locked from the inside, her gut tells her there’s something more to this murder.

To find the answer, Kerry delves into the private life of a reclusive man who seems to have had more enemies than friends in the small town of Lake Pines.

As both the police department and his family members push her to quickly close the case, Kerry interrogates possible suspects and examines Sebastian’s life. She soon uncovers a sinister picture of his hidden life putting only more questions in her path.

Will Kerry uncover the hidden secret that has plagued the Crow family and made them targets of a maniacal killer, or will she fall victim to the murder’s rage?

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Murder Of Crows is the third book in the gripping Lake Pines Mystery thriller series. If you like contemporary whodunits, shocking plot twists and turns, and pages so riveting they practically flip themselves, you’ll love this series.

A Lake Pines Mystery Series
A Lake Pines Mystery Series
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Hidden family secrets and a killer set on revenge . . . there's more to this case than meets the eye.

New murder mystery books to fill your winter reading list. Available in eBook and paperback format.


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