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The Plus One | A hilarious laugh out loud feel good romantic comedy

Two bad dates, a wedding invitation from her

ex-husband, and the weekend’s not over.


Kenzie knows what it’s like to be in love, to fake love, and especially to want to find love.

But ever since she walked away from her marriage seven years earlier, she can’t seem to get her love life back on track – no matter how hard she’s tried.

At thirty-one she has a great job at a top New York fashion magazine, friends she can depend upon, and a coveted one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan that she’s still not sure how she got.

After another string of disaster dates, she vows to erase her dating profile and take a break from finding love. That is until she opens an invitation to her ex-husband's wedding in France and gets a request that throws her life into an instant panic.

When a chance at love arises, Kenzie will have to decide once and for all whether to fall back into past mistakes or take a chance and trust her heart. Can she believe in herself enough to take a chance, or will her fear of being hurt find her alone in Paris?


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“A heart-warming romantic comedy that will remind you that true love still exists.”

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Goodreads Book List | L.L. Abbott
The Plus One | a laugh-out-loud feel-good romantic comedy

Customer reviews. . .

"A perfect beach read! Loved this book so much!"

"A contemporary romance novel that's witty, cute, and laugh out loud hilarious."

"One of the best rom-com books to read this year in my book club."

"A heartwarming romantic comedy that will remind you what romantic comedy is supposed to be like. Great job."

"This book makes me think Sophie Kinsella and Bridget Jones sat down to write a book."

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